March 30, 2010

day 16th, working day 12th

we went to Dollfete on Sunday, it was kinda fun, except the kids thing, it's annoying to a point. Especially when they get whiny.

I got a set of Dollheart outfit, which is really. I mean it's hard to buy their stuff, because they cost so much and kinda hard to get, I got a set of Lati outfit, a pair of yo-sd shoes, and some hoodies, an outfir from foxy browny. I know I shouldve gotta another outfit from there, but I'm not a big fan of dresses, and well, I could make them, so it's hard to get something I can sew myself.

I never went to any meet, so I don't know anyone there, still it was something to see all those dolls. I brought Morgan, but with the kids, I didn't take her out until later, and not for very long.

I was all cramp up when I got back, still tired even now.

I'm gonna go watch Princess Diary now and reminiscence. :)

March 25, 2010

waiting period : LE Bory

I was surprised, a couple of days ago, someone posted box opening for their Limited Edition Bory with dreaming head!

Wow, it took 2 weeks! 2 Weeks! That must be some kind of record, I'm still waiting for my Lati Specual Sheep's been 4 months now? And I still didn't get it, I'm thinking my Luts Limited Edition Bory gonna get here long before my lati did, and I only ordered it a little over a week ago, about 11 working days already.

The girl who received her Bory did not order any face-up or painting on the wings and weapon, so by my estimation, if she order the face-up and painting she'd probably get it in less than a month still.

So I'm thinking mine will probably be 4-6 weeks. :)

I'm excited to be honest. :)

March 14, 2010

ordering new boy

I placed the order last night, a LE Bory ver.1, I didn't order the dreaming head to go with it, even though it would've been so much better with dreaming head (just for variety sake) but variety isn't enough for me to spend extra 75 on a head that may or may not get used. I don't like having floating heads, and since I didn't plan on getting a Bory to begin with, this just didn't work.

Limited Edition just ruined my plan.

I was planning on getting a Lime or Lemon for my next doll, and I'm saving up for it. Damn wings. It's the wings!!

So, after this I'm not gonna spend on anything for a while. I don't usually buy big things at the drop of a hat. Bad me.

Now, the waiting begins.

March 12, 2010

the big move

So, I have to move the blog over to blogspot, because blogger no longer allow ftp publishing, but it's not a big deal, since I won't have to worry about my entry not getting published.

I'm currently working on mushroom house for my tinies. Yeah, so far we got mushroom shape alerady, I made the front door, just need to attach it and then make a sort of frame for it as well as putting a roof over it, already cut out some roof tile, we'll see if I need more.

I decided that I want LE Bory, I'm not a big fan of Bory, too many Bory around for me to feel that he's spacial, we have a Bory girl though. She's adorable. But this one has wings! It's the wings that did me in.

Mom just rolled her eyes when I told her. I know I've been spending a lot lately, so after this one I'll start working on some project so I won't be tempt to order anything for a while.

Same can't be said for my sister. She just thinks that we should enjoy now. Which is fine and dandy, except she has too many to even be able to play with them all.

Mushroom house will keep me busy for a long while, then after that I wanna try, either pumpkin or another mushroom.

Or maybe make it easier on myself and go for tree stump.

Off to bed and watch Criminal Minds.

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