August 18, 2005

Watching : Chobits

Ok, I got my PSP on Wed, my cousin went to Hongkong on Friday and came back on Monday. I asked her to get me a PSP if the price was lower than the stores we've been asking. She knew what she was suppose to get, a Sony PSP region 2 with 1.5 firmware, of couse for some reason she didn't ask for much details I guess she saw that it was region 2 and version 1.5 she got it and not realize that it was 1.51, but since I already got it and opened the packaged and everything I'll have to make due with what I have. So now I'm thinking of just update it to v. 2.0

I like it though, it's a pretty shinny new toy.. My mom didn't know yet, well, I'm not sure if she knew, I mean I said it but I'm not sure she gets what I was telling her. However I'm gonna be completely broke from this. Been spending a lot of money on models too.. I mean.. I got a set of Hellsing and then I got a bunch of anime dvd. Now my mother wanted models.. so I basically been getting some for her.. (not my money, but well.. ya know ) She got a set of 4 girls small ones.. like 2" model.. and I got her a set of Cardcaptor Sakura with 5 of them and I got a 1/18 scale of Fumiko for her. I'm looking at another set of 3 from Gundam, and a set of 2 from Tenjou Tenge. Will cost quite a bit of money but when you get to the store and you just have to have them. I mean, WOW. They got everything from Magic the Gathering card, every set every booster set... so anyone want let me know. And she got tons of models.

Anyway, now I just want PSP games.. I like technologies, if you didn't notice it already. Been spending lots of money lately though I don't know.. oh well, after getting a game I think I'll just not buy anything else and watch all the dvd I got and finish a game or something.

'this is me with the words on the tip of my tongue and my eyes through the scope down a barrel of a gun.'

August 10, 2005

Playing : Need for Speed on Nintendo DS

Ok, I went and asked the price for PSP and well, we found that there's this store selling for less than the other stores I was asking by quite a bit of money and we didn't even start bargaining yet. My cousin is going to Hongkong so I'm waiting for her to check out the price of it there for me. If she can get it cheaper there I'm gonna have her get it for me, if not well, I know where I'm gonna get it now.

I got more anime today, I got Kujaku, 3x3 Eyes Sasan, Ghost in the Shell the series, Tenjou Tenge the movie. And on Monday I got Argentosoma, Tenjou Tenge the series, Chobits, and the week before that I got Bakuretsu Tenchi. I'll start watching Kujaku first, Argentosoma got left at the store so I can watch it during the day. Well, all in all I'm a happy camper. I got my mom a set of model ( the 2" ones ) there're 4 in the set, and also I got a 1/18 scale model one for her. The girl that is selling the stuff gave me pretty good price for it, so she said. But then I do understand, I usually don't bargain too hard for things, we all live on profits, if you get nothing out of a sale, what would you live on.

She showed me a Berserk model which cost like 13,000 and I WANT ONE!!! Man, I just don't have the money, although the next time I go there ( which will not be next week ) I'm gonna ask her about that NBC Jack in Santa costume with the Reindeer. She also got the set of Kingdom Heart, but she missed Jack, she said some girl bought that one with a pretty high price (said she was crying and stuff, she lost someone else's model so she had to get a replacement ) Too bad I would love to get that set.

Anyhow.. I post the first part of my new Fuffy, it's an Uber inspired by Sleeping Beauty and I got like 1 comment on it. I'm guessing no one likes it, I guess I'll just write and post it on my site only.

Well, I'm gonna go watch movie now... all the sleeping in the car with my neck getting all stiffy make me tired.

August 03, 2005

Watching : Bakuretsu Tenchi

So, today was the second day that I went in for class, yeah yeah yeah, class... It wasn't my idea but it wasn't a bad one, seeing how they won't be sending me to German for it. It's a class at School of Gemological Science (I think that was it SGS) So, I almost poke my eyrs out while looking for all the blemishes in the diamond.. man, talk about headache, my head hurts afterwards. And they told us that we'll get use to it and later we'll be looking at it with the loope, so it'll be worse. Anyhow...

We went to the market where they sell all kinds of model and games and stuff.. half of the shops were close, but well, I got a set of Hellsing model.. Arucard, Seras Victoria, Integra Wingates Hellsing, Walter C. Dolness, Anderson, Yan there were so many that I wanted.. also there were a set of Kingdom Heart one, but the ones they showed weren't for sale and the one they got was missing 1 figure, so it was out. I should've gotten Star Wars ones too.. and also Batman, and Berserk.. I just didn't wanna blow all my money. There'll be next time. I hope. I also got a set of DVD Bakuretsu Tenchi, I got all 24 ep loaded before, and the quality was good with English sub.. this one didn't have it, but I just want a set that will be nice to look at I guess.. I tend to lose the cd I burned cause they all look the same.

Now I want my Book binding book, Witch Hunter Robin dvd set. Oh well...