August 30, 2003

Listening : Understanding [ Evanescence ]

Got my bo today, figure he would get it in the day I didn't have my money with me. It costed more than the regular one, this one is graphite, in metallic blue, matches my sparring gear. It's real smooth (it suppose to be) thus there won't be worry of getting splinter in my hand. It is slightly lighter than the wooden one, or maybe because I've been using the longer ones, so it felt lighter, after all the other ones were 6ft. this one is 5ft, I wanted one that is closer to my height, the longer ones kept hitting the top of my feet when I do the salutation in the beginning and end.

Talked to mom and dad tonight, he was asking what was I saying on the answering machine, and I explained to him, and also translated. He said he spent all this money on me to be here, gotta be able to teach him something, and well, for everything they've done for me, I'm eternally grateful. He also asked about the MD player/rec unit that he has.. I would recomment that he read the handbook, except it would be in Japanese and English, so I tried to just get him from A to B, explaining things to him in between, he figure it'll be easier to just do what he has been doing.. LOL. I'm impatient when it comes to explaining things, and I feel bad, they are my parents, they are so good to me it's insane, spoiled me rotten too. I wanna kick myself everytime I get snappy with them, though mostly it's at my mom when she played 20 question with me, well, they don't do that often now, I've learned to shut the hell up when I get aggravated with them too. And I'd never say this to them love you guys.

Had a chat with Psy the other night, she was mentioning that SB had been loading more stuff.. she mentioned Rose of Versailles, I said I have all 40 something ep of it on vcd, which I honestly thought I mentioned it to her (I think I did to SB) she asked if I could dub some ep for her, I said sure. She still gotta give me a list for that. And I'll probably throw in a few other stuff. I have to get WHR soon, maybe next week, after I get done with books. *

August 28, 2003

Listening : So Fortunate [ Adema ]

We got new student today, the guy came in to watch the class and Sensei Al asked if he wanted to jump in and try it out, so he did, and we went through the warm up and all that, Cat is back today too.. I'm glad she's back, she has a lot to catch up. After all she's been going up in rank with me ever since I caught up with her at purple belt. Sensei Al said it's good to have someone to go up in rank with, so he'll see if she couldgo up with me to brown, however he'll put me up by myself if he had to, this is in case she had to stop coming due to her knees and back (and ankles) She already took a month long break from it (her mom said she's been bouncing off the wall), so now she'll have to get 2 forms.. which I got the first week after I got the new belt, 4 combinations, 2 kenpos... well, a lot to catch up on, but hopefully she'll get there quick, it'll be fun. Anyway, after class, sensei al went and asked the new guy if he liked the class, he asked where to sign up. So, I guess he liked the class. I'm getting my Bo tomorrow.. it'll be metallic blue.. *

August 27, 2003

Got LotR : TT, I'm gonna watch it now.. I love the battle scene.. I LOVE the battle scene.

Plug for Elphie, before I venture off to the writing and movie XD

August 26, 2003

Saw Cat on Sunday at B&N, she'll be back to class this week, she said or trying to anyway, she said she missed it. Well, her mom said the same thing and how she needed to get back, 'cause she's been bouncing off the wall. I might be getting Sleeping Beauty Trilogy written by Anne Rice ( A.N. Rogueclare ) but then I'll need to get book for school, probably only 1 book, seeing how I'm taking a class that probably gonna need the same book as the one before, but then you never know. My Bo won't be in I guess, we'll see how much it cost. LotR: TT coming out tomorrow.. YES!!

xtra kenpo : left palm block across, right front ball landed behind, front to knuckle punch upward (to the chin) backward elbow to the back, pivot to the rear double thrust to the kidneys.

: left black down, right ridge to the temple (in circle, 10 point blocking #8) grabbed the back of the head, knee in the gut, ridge underneath the arm with left, push with right hand, ridge upward with left (cowboy throw)

: left knife hand block upward, punch to the rib, bend over, left hand grabbed the arm, throw over the shoulder with elbow at the groin.

August 22, 2003

Some of the ugliest things took the longest time to make
And some of the easiest habits are the hardest ones to break
And I'm not asking for value nor the pain but I am asking
For a way out of this lie

Because I can't wait for you to catch up with me
And I can't live in the past and drown myself in memories

Welcome to nowhere and finding out where it is
And fixing your problems and starting over agin
Your feeding your ego with what you can see outside
And your killing yourself for not speaking your mind

In memory

I wonder why you make believe you live your life straight through me
I cannot understand why you question me and then you lie
I will not justify your way's I cannot show you an escape
I do not know you any more, I never new you anyway

In memory

[ Shinedown | In Memory ]

August 21, 2003

I was looking for Small Soldier, and guess what none of the places has it. I'm willing to bet that the place in the mall would have it, but then I'm not paying that much for a dvd, when I can probably get it in either Bestbuy or Circuit City or Wal-mart for a lower price, besides, I can always order it only which is what I'm doing. I'm cheap like that. But I still have to get Hellsing : Search and Destroy. Oh I have the whole thing, this is the second time I'm buying the whole thing, because I don't want to call HER up and tell her to send me my dvd, cause I know it'll be a waste of time. She'll give me some bullshit and I'd never see them again. So I'm cutting out all the aggravation by getting them all over again. Funny thing is, she IMed me tell me to call, for the second damn time and guess what, nothing, nope, zip. I should've learned my lesson, but noooooooo... Oh well...

'look here she comes now bow down and stare in wonder oh how we love you no flaws when you're pretending but now i know'

August 19, 2003

Listening : Girls and Boys [ Blur ]

I went to see Freaky Friday, I loved it! Well, I like Linsey Lohan since Parents Trap, thought she was pretty good for someone so young. She can sing, too. It was fun, and well, I'll get that on dvd, and also Bend It Like Beckham. I've been redoing the layout of Slayers' Dreams I still like the old layout it just that, it's about time to change. And Oralfxatn got her very own webpage, late last night.. wohooooooooo I got my Fuffy fix.. hehehe it is Orally Fixated: Humor Heart & Heat I'm a happy camper.

'Her pillow, her she-pup... My Queen.' Faith in Christopher Street West

August 16, 2003

Listening : Better Version [ Shinedown ]

I e-mail Oralfxatn, after looking for the story I mentioned in the last post and she e-mailed me back! And explained to me why the stories were gone from AFF. Which mean I did not imagine the whole thing.. TOLD YOU! She's gonna have her very own website, which I'm very much looking forward to visiting. She also read my stuff and enjoyed them, left me comments, too! Make my day let me tell you, that just make my day.

Elphie got a new layout, I know I forgot to plug it earlier. I kept counting the toes, LOL, don't know why.

August 15, 2003

Listening : Taking Over Me [ Evanescence ]

Two nights ago I was going through a fanfic archive site, and I found a story, it's the 5th part of The Incredibly (un)True Adventure of Two Slayers In Love series, I read the first 4 and it's hilarious, so I sat and read, and once I was done I went ahead and look through the rest of the list.. thinking that I'll come back and reread again, wouldn't be too hard to find since it was in the beginning of the list, once I was done with the rest I went back, first page, nothing, second page, nothing, third page, still nothing.. so I went through half of it (51 pages in all) and still nothing, and to top that off I couldn't find the first 4 either when the first time around I found the first 4 right after the 5th, so I went to search and searched by both the titles and the author, still nothing, look through author list, nothing. It was like the entire thing got pull out the minute I was done reading!! It was just freaky, I'm still looking for it, and I went through the other site that I knew the first 4 was listed, found a different story by the same author, but no part 5.. I guess I better e-mail her..


'I said CLAIM her, not TAME her!!' Janine to Buffy in Christopher Street West

August 11, 2003

Listening : Going Under [ Evanescence ]

This is how my day went today.. I woke up at 1, stayed in bed till 1:30, cause I got into bed after 5:30 AM this morning. Then I got a shower, came out, white t and everything, found that it was pouring out. So I changed from white to black, hauled ass out to the dojo, and Sensei Natalie was running out to walmart, cause she wasn't sure what time I was coming in, and so I went with her. We came back to the dojo, she looked at my 4 and 5 pinan, did all right, after that I was there till 8:30, came home, starved, sticky, so it's food, shower and American Chopper on Discovery channel, I love that show.. of course I watch any show with building things. And now it's catching up with reading and writing time.

advance c : half moon up with the right, knife block (left) spear hand (right) to the groin, palm (left) to the face, grab the neck, pull back, knee (left), elbow (right) grab by the hair, pull back, bear paw to the face. (just in case I forget)

draw back to a cat (left), fortress block (with ridge hands) left vertical, right horizontal, shuffle up, knife to the collar bone (left) knife to the body (right), grab the back of the neck (left) elbow to the face, knife to the neck (right) palm to the face (left) back to knuckle to the solar plexes.

I'll forget those in well, a day, so I gotta write it down while I can, somewhere. I think I should start with the notebook thing already, I already forget most of shushi no kon-sho. Guess I can do that with the book, since John let me borrow his.

August 10, 2003

Listening : My Last Breath [ Evanescence ]

I started watching Knight Hunters well, only 2 ep out of the whole set.. Got the thing the other day, perfect collection, well, save me time instead of going out and get it one by one anyway. The other night driving back from Sensei Natalie's I saw a deer ran across the damn road.. well, it was the road that in the middle of the damn residental area, right here, I didn't think there will be any running around, seeing how it's all houses, didn't run it over or anything. My aunt woke me up today to go to some b-day party, I didn't even know about and so I basically stayed in bed till she left, and she called and I told her I don't wanna go, so she got pissy. Whatever, I wasn't gonna drive 30 min to someone's house, and get completely bored and it's not like they would care if I don't show up, so I didn't care to go, besides I did stain the damn deck, can't bitch at me for that. I felt light headed over and over again, think I'm getting sick.. my thumb is killing me too.. the damn joint lock.. LOL.

August 09, 2003

I just got back from Sensei Natalie's house. She called me earlier today, while I was still asleep, mind you. She called upstairs and my uncle told her that I was still asleep and he didn't want to wake me up, so she called my cellphone, figured she would leave a message and I picked up.. well, I wasn't going to, but then I saw it was her so I did. Then she asked if I could come over and I said it was fine, not that I'm doing anything anyway, the only thing on the agenda today was sparring and that was done by 7:30. I got there and stayed till 11:30, and I just got back now. I worked on the pictures for her, (adjust the color and the brightness and such) so Monday she'll work with me for a private lesson. I don't really care about that, but she wasn't going to make me drive up there and work on the thing for nothing so I said ok. Anyway, I'm starving, but hey I'll get some food, after shower though I feel so sticky.

August 08, 2003

Listening : Angel

New layout, finally. I know, I know.. I'm a little obsessed over SMG, but hey I did 2 of Eliza D. in a role I figure, it couldn't hurt to do 2 SMG. Besides I couldn't find any image that I really like and I need a new layout. I'm happy with this layout (I think.)

Went to see Bend It Like Beckham last night, I loved that movie!! It was funny! I liked Keira Knightly a lot more now.. well, last was Pirates of the Caribbean.. I'm getting it on dvd when it comes out, and I wouldn't mind seeing it again before that. Now I wanna see Freaky Friday. I'm going to the movie more now, by myself, probably because I get sick of having to ask people, and wait. I hate waiting even though I have the patience. The thing was that, I waited and then end up didn't get to see it, so point of waiting is? Anyhow... I don't care much, I'll go by myself, wait for no one.

I scanned in one of the drawing I did a long time ago.. here

Plug for Elphie nice color!

August 03, 2003

I did another drawing of SMG it's from the same as the first one, except I only wanted line drawing for the first one, no shading and I shaded this one. It's also a bit bigger.

Did nothing today, just read, yeah I've been reading a lot, and also writing too, make me happy. ^_^