May 29, 2008

learning to use new thing in the old program, and teaching this old dog a new trick

I've been using Photoshop for ... um... since I got my second computer. I remembered clearly that my first photoshop was a 4.0 and I got it full feature with my first scanner. (considering how expensive the program was, that was kinda extraordinary) But my first PC wasn't powerful enough for me to use, it was too slow, and I just couldn't get through the 'layer' because I simply didn't understand how it works.

Then the second pc came and so I started to use it. Once I understood 'layer' it was all a breeze for me. After I learned how to use it pretty proficiently, I took Photoshop class with Lance Hidy, because you could never know too much about something, right? I did learn a lot in that class, Lance was an illustrator, I intended to take Illustrator class too, but didn't due to other requirement that I had to get done. Kinda suck, because I really wanted to.

One thing I never get to learn or rather wanna learn was 'Pen' tool. Lance talked about it, but we didn't get to really spend time on it, and I never touched it since then. So, now I'm learning it (trying to teach myself it, rather) and I spent last night trying to do some illustration with pen tool. Hopefully, by the time I finish the image I should be comfortable with it. Again, hopefully, is the operative word here.

I've been participating in PMOG. :) Almost get to level 7 now. I should've use the mine more than I did, because it would've put me in association with Destroyer and I can get mine, now I can't because I don't have Destroyer as my association, instead I have Seer, Benefactor, Pathmaker.

Another thing that I'm learning is Violin.


I wanted to.

I like the sound of strings, cello, viola, violin. At the moment, violin seems more viable, due to the size, too. I just had my first class, we'll see how that goes on the second class next Tuesday.

New things, ha ha...

May 12, 2008

anime, new project, and new Jdrama..

Mnemosyne episode 4 with sub is out, and I'm finished loading it earlier.

I can't wait to watch it later tonight. I also got Osen several days ago, but still didn't watch it yet, maybe tonight will be a good time. Also got Hakaba Kitaro. A bunch of thing to watch tonight.

I got some transfer tapes, 8", 4", and 2" wide. Just what I need. My next project is the glass shower stall. I started it a while ago ( a long while ago) It's the scene from Mai Otome manga, where all the HiME and the Otome were face to face. Then I ran into some problem. So, I stop, now I have to start over, maybe the same image, maybe different. I'm looking though, maybe I'll find something nicer.

My friend said Shizuru and Natsuki ( yeah, she's one woman cheering team ) I said maybe.

Saber will look good on it, too, I think. Especially when the image cast shadow onto the wall behind it. Ummmmmmmmm... something to think about.

Now I'm working on the box for my friend, let's just call her Y. *snicker*

I told her I would cut sticker for all sides, which means, 6 images, probably all of them on Emma Ai (Jigoku Shoujo) Well, I've made a monster, I think. She loves the series. Seriously, there were parts that it's a little flimsy at best, but then, when you're talking about human and human emotions, some of them just don't make sense. Same thing as when you have 2 people going through the same sort of ordeal, one came through fine and the other came through with MPD. weird...


A lot of things to do still.

I should get back to the gym again, but still too busy to. Anyhow, I'm playing workout mode on DDR, kinda fun, if you think about it. I made a mistake of stepping on the down arrow and press A without checking, so I had to hop around to match the game (because so far, me and my uncoordinated self had been playing beginner level of the game) But it was good, I sweat so it's all that count, right. Besides, keep it up and I should be able to do it. I hope.... maybe, I wish...

I'm trying to get into making things again.

May 08, 2008

new layout, some complain about some show, rearranging the wire again

Finally, I made a new layout for the blog (obvious, isn't it?) I made a bunch of layout, they just didn't make it to the coding part of the work. So, they were never use, and right now they reside in my image folder, probably never gonna get used either.

I'm a little into Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicle these days. Which explain the layout, isn't it. Both my homepage and my blog. I like Summer Glau as Cameron (I like that name... um... and on a girl.. hot girl at that!!) And Lena Headey.... yummy.

I promised a friend that I would make her a box. So I did, with the same material I used to make the dvd boxes, plastic corrugated board (they called it future board, I have no idea why). I still have an entire big one left, so I did, and now I'm cutting images of Emma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo to go on it.

Now, the cutting is not that hard, the harder part is how am I gonna keep the thing from falling off. Since there were a bunch of little pieces that aren't connected to the large piece that will hold them in place. I almost made her nose fall off the other day. I need to get a roll of transferring tape, the masking aren't working very well, because I left it too long and the thing just kinda stickier than it should be.

I'll be picking some up later today if my mom feels all right to come in. Have to take her to a check up this Saturday, because she's due, and she needs to get herself looked at. She had insurance and she wouldn't have to pay a dime, but she doesn't wanna go, go figure.

I'll be watching new episode of Criminal Minds in a few minutes. I can't believe last week episode, there's no indication that JJ has a boyfriend, there's no evident of it, they only flirted in the episode in New Orleans and nothing else. No sign that they were having long distant relationship.

How impractical is that, when you think about it. JJ works the works that she does, the way it's presented to us, is that she's so busy, with all the cases fall on her desk before she decided which one and where the team was going. How believable is it to think that she would hop on the plane to go see this guy, how expensive is it.

Oh well, and Emily... awwwww.. poor Em. She didn't look too happy about JJ having a boyfriend.

Still it was kinda funny at the end when they were all like.. it's about time!

Let's hope they don't mention that this week episode so I can pretend it did not happen!

I spent several hours the other day underneath my desk, working on the cleaning up and retying all the wires. All the pic will get post later. (like anyone is reading this.)

Candy Boy is out. it's only 14 min long, it was cute and didn't require any higher brain function. I don't care what people say about it being weird and has no substance, it doesn't have to be the stuff of legend, I mean, hello! Strawberry Panic anyone? That show was annoying as hell, and has absolutely no value at all. Not very entertaining either, with the crying every fucking five minutes, drive me up the wall. I don't like character like that. Nagisa needs to shut the hell up and stop the water work. Shizuma also needs to get over it. The whole tragic love story thing, it was all well and good but damnit, it's fucking over done in this one. I'd rather see Shizuma with Miyuki.

I'm all about the one that's the most loyal. Miyuki's been there and there and there and still was passover for some snotnose girl who knew nothing, and did nothing but cry.


Ok, enough of that. I barely got through 2 episode of that.

CandyBoy was... well, the twin were adorable. I loved the beginning of the episode when Yukino was calling Kanade to get into the bed, Kanade dropped hair pin and climbed right back in! Now if they weren't sisters, I think there'll be more people squealing over it. But then this is anime, I've seen weirder relationship.

Angel Sanctuary anyone?

Now, for someone who reads Blackcest, this pair of twincest is down right pristine and very much PG. They are so adorable.

Another show I'm looking forward to seeing is Osen. I read the manga and I loved it, so I'm interested to see it in Live Action. Now I'm just waiting for English Sub... so far it's 3 episodes already. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that some group would pick it up.

As for Last Friend, this is getting... the whole domestic violent thing. I do know the mindset of a girl like that, but then while I was watching I was like.. man, just leave!!! arggggg...

I'm off to see Criminal Minds now.