June 26, 2005

the more that we take
the paler we get
I can't remember what it is
we try to forget
the tile on the floor
so cold it could sting
in your eyes there's a place
warm with remembering

for you to go and take this and smash it apart
I've gone all this fucking way
to wind up back at - back at the start

the closer we think we are
well it only got us so far
have you got anything left to show
no I don't think so
the sooner we realize
we cover ourselves with lies
but underneath we are not so tough
love is not enough

well, it hides in the dark
like the withered vein
we didn't give it a mouth
so it cannot complain
we never really had a chance
we'd never really make it through
I never think I'd believe
I believed I could get better with you

June 21, 2005

ummmmmm.... what's to bitch and moan about...

oh yeah...

My aunt..

My mother's younger sister.

Well, my mom got 2 sisters, both younger, and one of them help babysit the toddler right now, and the other one... well, the other is basically being nothing but an old, over weight, sour grape. She bitches about everything, she even bitch about a puppy that was sitting quietly on a table top (due to the fact that the reception didn't want him to run into the street or someone took him) She told the receptionist to call the store at 7:30 PM and tell me to come pick up the dog, I mean, I'll be home at 8PM! What the fuck was her problem?

I don't like people that thinks just because they are sick or obese they have the right to bitch out about everyone else. I told her to fuck off a couple of times. She thinks everyone has to sit and listen to her, well, she got another thing coming. I don't care if my mom thinks she should be given that allowence cause I don't. She doesn't fucking do anything I don't see the reason to keep paying her. She just keep talking shit and generally being useless. Funny thing is, she seems to think that everyone owe her something.

She's a joke.

On another note, what is up with Gizmo today. He's been barking up the storm even when I put him in the bathroom, which is his usual sleeping place ( den ) he kept trying to come out, which I can't let him, cause he would take that as a permission to do it again. Well, now he's quiet, but man...

Patience is a virtue.


I'm not very patient then.


June 16, 2005

So, my desktop is back and well, it was the powersupply and mainboard (I think it's the powersupply that killed the mainboard) anyhow it's back.. but I'm loading stuff on here so I'm gonna use laptop for now till all the loading is done.

What's been happening... ummmm...

I'm busy, I have no creative juice.. I have ideas too many and I don't know where to start really. I wanna do too many things at the same time.. I wanna start making a book and well, I need to make some paper first which will need a day or two to get it right and more to make lots of it.. although I think I'm gonna go get some notebook (the thick, thick one they use for accounting) and get like 3 or 4 and then bind them together and make cover so I can write shit in it... I have way too many notebooks laying around already though.. LOL but I wanna do it anyway.. I wanna still have my bookbinding skill thank you very much. If I don't do it I'll forget the feel of it. I guess that's the main reason.. and also I like thick, thick books with good cover.. I binded a few books and I do like them, but they are not very thick the way I like them and they weren't for me.. like the alphabet book I made for senior studio.. they weren't for me, they were for project. I wanna do one for me..

I guess I'll need to list what I wanna do and then see which one I wanna do first.

Oh yeah, I think I'm gonna draw another B/F first before I do more writing. :)

June 08, 2005

Want : new pair of Oakley

Yeah, my old pair's getting a little roughen up... but that's usual, it's better than my last pair anyway.. LOL

My mother is mad at me, she was on and on about shit that I don't need to hear. Ya know, like the gossip. I don't need to know gossips to work. She has no information, just something people told her and guess what it annoyed the hell out of me. So I scolded at her, I just wanted her to shut the hell up and so she was mad. And I DON'T CARE. Fucking grow up already. All she does is bringing up old stuff, old stories and they are just not true. She kept saying she knows, truth is she doesn't. She doesn't know shit and I know she's my mother and I shouldn't be saying this but SHE SHOULD REALLY SHUT UP. I'm sick of this shit and I'm gonna have to throw it in her face if she doesn't stop. Maybe I'll just stay home tomorrow and fucking die in my room or something. Like I don't have enough shit to do.

I'm writing something.. cause I remember 'Back to Salem' and I like the idea, so I'm gonna take it and run with it.. see what will come out, if it's good, it'll get posted, if not well, I'll keep it to myself..

I wanna see Mr&Mrs Smith, also War of the World. Batman Begins.. I remembered seeing poster for 'Dark Water' not sure I wanna see another horror though, especially when they don't have anyone I interested in.. we'll see.

Gizmo is growing like weed and so is the new one.. man...

They are sleeping in my bathroom.. cause well, I wanna cornered them off so they don't make messes all over the house, now they seemed to know that they have to do their business outside.. but if I don't let them out, they still would go anywhere they could.. but they are puppies.. gotta be patient and all that.

June 02, 2005

watching : Bring it On

I think I broke my desktop, I mean I was on it and I heard a pop before the whole thing went dead... so it's logical to conclude that it's BROKEN!!! I'm on my laptop right now and it's no fun cause I can never really type comfortably on this thing. Anyhow, it'll get into the shop in a couple of days... maybe Sat cause I get a day off.. man, I really don't have any money right now.. and I hope I don't lose anything on that, I still got some anime I didn't get to watch yet on there and some stuff I did on photoshop as well as some writing.. this gonna suck.

Hey Cin how ya doing?

Hey Helga.. glad to have you back..