May 18, 2007

New episode of Criminal Minds...

I'm curious as to why the hell I could not find ep 22 and instead there was a list of ep 23 for me to load and no 22 in sight. And the one I got last night was ep 24. Interesting, they are trying to get rid of Hotchner, I'm looking forward to see how that one's gonna go. Seems like the woman got pissed more when he basically profiled her right there on the spot.

I just ordered Criminal Minds season 1 on dvd as well as NIN Year Zero, and Angelic Layer vol 3 so I can complete the boxset (I never did get the chance to get vol.3 cause when it came out they just didn't have it in any store I went and looked.)

I'm writing random thing more now.. (well, not that random, they are still about the pair I read about, man, I'm spreading my obsession around these days.)

A friend of mine is in a bit of a dilemma these days it seems. I told her to come live here, at least she doesn't have to worry about the rent, now that her roommate/sort of gf is acting like a five year-old. Though I do think that that one has an agenda of her own and she's making sure she has all available options before she decides. Might take a while, a long long while, but she's thinking of something. I told my friend that already, and well, she agreed with me. I'm always right, but people just don't listen to me. Why the hell is that?!

I want a Curve Bow!!!

May 08, 2007

Claymore: manga

I've reading through all 10 vol. of the manga the day before. I picked them up from 1-10, missing only vol. 7 and 9, but I picked those up yesterday and I read through all of them. I liked it, a lot and quite happy that the anime is following to the manga closely (or well, it seemed to so far)

We got to see Clare, the protagonist, as an emotionless being that a Claymore seemed to portrait in the beginning, coming into the village according to an order, we also learned that they worked as an organization, and the Claymore were once human girl that accept the Yoma's flesh to be half human half demon, and Claymore only have female, no male. Clare picked up a boy, or rather he followed her and begged to be with her (he had no one now that all his family was eaten and killed, and no one in the village was going to accept him, seeing him as a potential Yoma.)

So, she let him go with her, against her better judgment. And we learned more later that Clare was not the best in the organization, but the opposite, she was the last number, the worse in skill. And we saw why... she was saved by Teresa the former no.1 (not directly) she refused to be part from her. And later, when Teresa died she accept her flesh, making Clare only a quarter demon.

She improved although, not a sturdy progress, seemed weaker in some instant and stronger in others. I'm hoping there'll be no romance between her and the boy, cause that would so ruined it for me. And I do hope that the story won't turn out like Berserk, which still on going. So many potential slash pairing. Ummmmmm...

Spiderman 3.

Saw it, I kinda like it, although it seemed to be too much time span in only 1 movie. The Goblin (Hop Goblin??) Sandman, Venom, it would've been better to take, maybe Sandman out, so that they could focus more on the other two, or better yet, only 1 enemy. Maybe only Venom, they could go deeper into the details that way. 'Cause all we get to see were flashes of how he behaved and such, but no sense of how much time, or how long he was that way, which annoyed me, but all in all in was entertaining enough, and I do like Goblin. :)

May 03, 2007

I just watched Claymore, finally!!

I liked it! And there's potential for some slashing! LOL. I liked Clare, she's just the type of character I usually drawn to, as long as she develop further and not turned into a slobbering mess of human emotion, then it's all good. But then maybe I should get the manga for it as well. I saw the manga a while back but since I couldn't get the first volume I kinda dismissed it, until I can get the first volume that is. Maybe the next trip to the bookstore (gotta take a little ride) I also saw Ikkitousen, but they just didn't have the first few volume. (I only saw vol. 5 and when I asked they didn't have them)

Also I needed to pick up the next vol. of Eureka 7, MAR, Mai Otome, and whatever else struck my fancy. LOL

I just let my aunt watch Blood&Chocolate, she liked those kind of movie, Vampire, Werewolf type. I liked the feel of the movie, although I didn't get to see the entire thing, I went to shower, but no matter, I can watch it later.

Writing ShizNat still. :) I'm making a decision on some scene, so it's at standing still... This is why I should not skip ahead and write a scene that should be in later part, cause then I usually end up not knowing whether I should put in certain piece of information in certain places.

Also Bellatrix/Narcissa... yeah, yeah, yeah... Blackcest, but it's my guilty pleasure (well, what isn't my guilty pleasure) I'm writing it, I kinda have the end of that in mind, but it'll be a long way to go before I get to that point. LOL. Don't know if I'll ever post it though. Maybe, just for the hack of it.