April 23, 2010

almost here : LE Bory

After about a month (29 working days) my limited edition Bory is on his way to me. :) I could possible get him as soon as tomorrow (or rather today) Or Monday. I can't wait!!

Luts Rocks!

In comparison with my Sheep Ver. Ruki from Lati, this was a really short wait, especially since I had to wait about 5 months (I think) for Ruki to get here. Luts is my favorite company, they are awesome!

I'm all excited now.

I never thought I'm gonna get Bory, I mean, I have the tendency to not go with the popular one. Besides, my sister got Bory girl. I don't want twins.

But well, this was too good to past up.

So, now my concentration got shot to shit. I can't do anything. LOL.

I wanted to update DWP listing tonight, but it's too hot to do anything.

I'm currently crazy about Cara/Kahlan. Adorable. :)

Tabrett and Bridget, aw...

I could gush, but I won't. I can't wait for next episode of Legend of the Seeker.

April 17, 2010

Shoes Episode (Felix, Fin, Hayden)

I guess, it's about time that I put some dollies photo on here. :)

So, we'll do this with Shoes Episode


Hayden was playing tic tac toe with Felix.. Fin was watching, deciding that he wants to join in.


Fin : Um... Oh yeah!


Fin : I bring him some shoes, he doesn't have any shoes!


Felix : What are these?


Fin : Shoes! Like mine!


Hayden : Huh??
Felix : Shoes?


Hayden : Are these mine?
Fin : They're for Felie!
Felix : It's Felix! *look at Fin*


Felix : *looks down at his hooves*


*all eyes down at the hooves*
Felix : Um.. Can't wear 'em.


Fin : Oh... ha ha
Felix : yeah.. ha ha

That's all for now, folks!

waiting, and waiting

It's raining outside, as it has been since this morning.

I checked the status of my heads, Hodoo and Miyu are at 90% while Mabel is at 40%, which mean that I might get them back in a couple of weeks. A good thing, too, I'm tired of looking at Dillon's headless body.

I can't wait to see how he's gonna look.

I really should practice more on face-up, at the same time, I'm gonna get back to doing collages and stuff. Should be good, be nice to look at nice pictures and think of something again, and not just look at them and let them pass by.

I should update DWP listing as well tonight, hopefully. Things have tendency to just pop up, and then I don't get to take care of other things.

We should be going to the supermarket soon, hopefully we'll get home at decent hour, so I can watch movie.

April 16, 2010

new layout!

It's about time, I know!!

I've been trying to update the layout several time to no avail. I mean, I made it, but never get to the coding, and then I just dump it and start over, it's annoying really. I felt like there's nothing that I want as my layout, well, that until Kahlan/Cara.

Because Bridget Regan and Tabrett Bethell are awesome!

The mushroom house isnt' going anywhere fast, well. I got some roofing done, but that's about it, I can't decide what I wanna do next, which is why it came to standing still.

Tomorrow we're close, but then it's not really a day off, I don't think I got a day that I don't have to do something or driving people somewhere for several years now. At least I can get up late tomorrow.

I'll be tweaking the layout for several days, but for now I gotta go updating dwp listing.

April 11, 2010

working day 20 (I think)

So, Felix is home for a while, like a week, and I contacted the dealer about the small s hook that lati did not send. She said she'll contact them for me, I would've done it myself, except that I didn't order with them directly and it might create a bit of a problem, since I can not give them stuff like order# and such. Better to have the dealer take care of it.

I sent out 3 heads to be face-up, and we should get them all back soon. I hope.

I can't wait to see what Dillon gonna look like.

I'm still waiting for LE Bory. 20 days down, unknown number more to go.

Well, I don't think it's gonna take as long as Lati anyway, so I'm not even gonna worry about it.

I started on a new layout for the blog, it's about time. This time it's Kahlan/Cara, because Cara is so awesome, and Kahlan is to die for. LOL

April 05, 2010

Sheep Ruki Arrived

Finally, after about 4 + months of waiting, I got a call from Lati Dealer on Saturday night, that she'll be shipping my order out on Sunday.

So, my Lati Yellow Special Sheep Version : Ruki is finally here. I figure that it'll be Tuesday or something to get to me, but today I got to work and found a small package. Another order I forgotten about, a Leeke GO, Dillon's new shoes are here, of course, right now Dillon is out for a new face-up. So, that will have to wait. Then I walked to the back and there it was, a brown box. I knew what it was.

I didn't open it right away. I waited a while and took it to next store.

Well, someone is as happy to see him as I am.

I'm naming him Felix, so he can be Findlay's twin, except he'll be sheep. LOL

What a cutie.

I brought him to the movie with me as well, my sister wanted to see him, so I took him, with hooves and horns and all.

I think I'm gonna leave him in Sheep form. I like it.


He's kicking like crazy though.