October 22, 2005

Ok, I wish I was anywhere but here right now. Things just never seem to slow down. I'd like to just live alone, really, I would, it would've been so much better. My idiot of a sister just get into trouble, again. She should know better but nooooo... she just has to and my parents went nuts with her. Man, I wish I was by myself. I told my father I never did want a sister or brother, they are just more trouble than they are worth. My parents never really take care of us themselves, they have someone else do it. I was like an orphan with bank account, I do what I want, buy what I want, I just never really go crazy with it. Thank god for them I guess. I blew up in their faces every now and then, just because I can't stand what they do, especially about my sister. I mean, let;s we all be blind, that's how they want. And well, I blew up and tell them fuck no, I'm not that stupid and I won't pretend to me.

Ok... enough ranting..

God damn phone company.. took them forever and more to get back to me. I should just cancel the damn phone and get a different company, really, this one just fill with incompetend idoit, they can't even answer my question. I just get my ADSL back today, after a week, I do understand that sometimes nature make it hard, or just interrupted the service but get it back up jackass! Anyhow, if it happens again I'll be sure to tear them a new one.

New layout, yeah... almost done.. actually it was done once and I didn't like it so I make another one.. big fun!! Tonight I'll slice and dice and put it up.

October 03, 2005

Well, it's been a while... been busy, very very busy.

I wish it would slow down and I get to relax...

if wishes were horses... blah blah blah...

I got a car.. yeah I know.. I didn't think I was gonna get one.. didn't think I really care if I get one or not. Except the whole having to wait for other people, I was fine with the bike cause I can get pretty much all over town that way.

It's Honda Jazz:Cool.. black, with all available options on it. Pretty cool, pretty compact too. Just got it like a week ago. I'm gonna have to get all the windows tinted but that can wait. So, list of things to do for the car...

tinted windows (40% I think)
central lock
new cd player (possibly, maybe not.. I can live with the one came with the car, really, I'm not that bad...)
cd holders (I got one from before.. I guess that will do for now)

Ok, I got CSI season 5
CSI Miami season 3
ST:VOY season 1

I'm gonna go watch those now.